Training for EQE

As now the date for EQE main exam is getting closer, I try to intensify my training for papers A, B and C.

As these are practical papers, I mainly sit past papers in exam conditions. For the moment, and as afr as I could see form the comments from examiners for each paper I tackled, except for papers B in which I didn't draft the good claims, my results are rather encouraging. I estimated I obtained pass marks, and still finishing the papers within the time limit.

EQE Training at Maastricht University

As of October 2014 Maastricht University will provide training for candidates preparing for the European Qualifying Examination.

The training will be will be given by Cees Mulder and Nyske Blokhuis. Both, European patent attorneys and tutors who have been teaching for many years in preparing candidates for the EQE.

At present training is available for papers C and D. 

More information here.



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