Training for EQE

As now the date for EQE main exam is getting closer, I try to intensify my training for papers A, B and C.

As these are practical papers, I mainly sit past papers in exam conditions. For the moment, and as afr as I could see form the comments from examiners for each paper I tackled, except for papers B in which I didn't draft the good claims, my results are rather encouraging. I estimated I obtained pass marks, and still finishing the papers within the time limit.

I also found a way to train some specific parts of paper C, taking benefit from the paper C book. I feel I need to improve my precision when writing my argumentations during paper C, my next efforts will focus on this aspect.

I also try to prepare some bascial "ready to write" sentences which, I hope, will help me to be quicker when writing, especially for papers B and C.