Post from Strasbourg

This new post is about the Paper A/B seminar organized by the CEIPI in Strasbourg, and which ended this morning.

I must say that this was really usefull, thanks to the material and presentations provided, and especially thanks to the tutor we had.

The tutor gave us valuable practical advices about how to analyze the paper A documents with particular focus on the letter's client (obviously).

The same was true for the part about paper B. And in two days we made two mock papers in condition of examination (one A and one B).

As the group was not too large (16 participants) there was time to ask for questions and receive detailed answers.

Undoubtfully, this seminar was useful. It was also very interesting, not only for the contents and materials of the seminar itself, also for allowing me to meet Colleagues from other countries and to share our experiences, doubts our advices about our everyday work, or about the seminar.

A truely very good experience, which made me go further inside the analysis if the data present in the documents of the papers than I used to do before.