Post from an EQE candidate

Hello everyone,

further to the call for bloggers published on this website last september (see here) I accepted to participate and so, here I am to share my thoughts and feelings about my preparation for EQE 2015.

I'm now preparing main exam, papers A, B and C. I managed to validate paper D last year.

Last year I chose to prepare almost alone (taking benefit from an excellent book and the EQE forum resources), but this year I will count on the help from my colleagues, and I will follow a preparation course at the CEIPI, in a few days. So the preparation will be very different.

Another difference between last year and this year is that my activity at the office has increased, and I'm faced with problems of time management. I will see how to take account of it.

My hopes for this year is to have a good method for tackling papers A, B and C, and to practice a lot.