E-mail address hijacked

Recently my e-mail address linked to this website (eqetools_at_gmail.com) was hijacked.
This may have had the result that some of you received e-mails with "spam" content.
If that is the case, please accept my apologies for that.
The account has been reset; I hope this has solved the problem.

Feed by e-mail updated

The old Blog had the possibility to subscribe by e-mail to any new posts. I moved this feature to this website and if all works well everyone that already subscribed earlier should receive e-mail on new postings. Likewise any new subscriptions will be functional for the new website. 
Fingers crossed ....

Article on Problem Solution Approach updated

I've updated the article on the problem and solution approach. The document is pretty much unchanged except that I added some quotes from the Examiners report for paper C of 2012. As that paper was very much about applying the problem solution approach in the manner as the examiners would like to see, I believe the updated document gives more guidance for those of you preparing for the EQE.
Happy studying ! 

Summary of the 2012 Tutor meeting

The tutor meeting of this year again was a very good opportunity to learn about how the examination committees approach the exam, what they observed in the 2012 papers and how the exams will change in 2013. The summary below is based on my notes and should not be regarded as fully complete. It is my interpretation of what was said so I cannot give any guarantee as to the correctness. I encourage fellow tutors to provide any comments or additions should that be needed.


Problem solution article updated

The article on the problem-solution approach has been updated and now contains references to the Guidelines of 2012. Some additional remarks and example sentences were added. 
The "problem solution approach" article typically is the kind of document that can be further improved over time. Feel free to drop me a note with any suggestions you may have. 
More info on the article here

Welcome to EQEtools

Welcome to the new website of EQEtools !
Although functional, this website is still under further development. For visitors new to EQEtools, please take a look at the old EQEtools blog to get an impression of what it is about.   The old blog will stay fully functional for the next year or so, yet no updates will be posted there and this website will be the new home of EQEtools.
Feel free to provide any feedback !


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