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Training for EQE

As now the date for EQE main exam is getting closer, I try to intensify my training for papers A, B and C.

As these are practical papers, I mainly sit past papers in exam conditions. For the moment, and as afr as I could see form the comments from examiners for each paper I tackled, except for papers B in which I didn't draft the good claims, my results are rather encouraging. I estimated I obtained pass marks, and still finishing the papers within the time limit.

Seminar paper C

Since I came back from Strasbourg I didn't really have time to resume the seminar about paper C I could follow last week.

It was rather intense, and also very useful, as for papers A and B. But I could notice a difference: for the paper C seminar I strongly suggest to read the parts of the paper C book to be read before coming to the seminar. I did it and it helped me understand and easily follow the first afternoon of this seminar. On the contrary, I saw some colleagues who hadn't read the parts of the book and they seemed rather lost at the beginning.

Post from Strasbourg

This new post is about the Paper A/B seminar organized by the CEIPI in Strasbourg, and which ended this morning.

I must say that this was really usefull, thanks to the material and presentations provided, and especially thanks to the tutor we had.

The tutor gave us valuable practical advices about how to analyze the paper A documents with particular focus on the letter's client (obviously).

The same was true for the part about paper B. And in two days we made two mock papers in condition of examination (one A and one B).

Post from an EQE candidate

Hello everyone,

further to the call for bloggers published on this website last september (see here) I accepted to participate and so, here I am to share my thoughts and feelings about my preparation for EQE 2015.

I'm now preparing main exam, papers A, B and C. I managed to validate paper D last year.

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